Uh oh…I have a feeling this one is gonna get ugly.

I don’t know about you, but if my (non-existent) wife explicitly told me NOT to do something, I don’t think I’d do it…it’s called a survival instinct, people!

But this guy apparently didn’t get the memo…read on to see what went down…

AITA for turning my wife’s workout room into an office despite getting a “No” from her?

“I genuinely don’t know if I f**ked up or not so we’ll see.

So I M/32 struggled with lack of employment for several months, I finally got a job opportunity that requires me to work from hom and for that I needed a quiet space which is hard to find in a 3 room apartment with 2 kids.

My wife has a “workout” room with all of her ..working equipment!. I asked if she’d let me have it so I could turn it into an office for my work and she said “no” no discussions no compromises just “No” man.

I tried to reason with her and explained to her why an office is more needed than an exercise room but to no avail, no is still no.

I thought that she was being unsupportive and unappreciative of the fact that I’m trying to make us money to provide for the family. I waited for her to leave the apartment then had all her workout stuff out and turned the room into an office away from the noise and distraction.

She came home and lost her s**t on me for doing this and yelled that I was being inconsiderate of her struggles with keeping fit and healthy since she has a number of disorders that she only manages via working out but I took that away from her, I explained to her that I have a stronger cause because I need the room so I can work and again earn us money to keep a roof over our heads yet, she called me a manipulative, and a**sive SOB for going behind her back and kicking her out the room like this.

She demanded I put everything back but I said no and even told her she was being a child throwing a temper tantrum over silly s**t and not giving a s**t about my work conditions when she should be accommodating me. She told me to f**k off since this is her apartment too and I had no right to steal her room.

She’s sulking to the fullest degree now and is trying to get me to put everything back, AITA?”

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