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AITA for yelling at my brother-in-law at his future child’s gender reveal?

“Last week my sister was having a gender reveal party.

When the s** was revealed to be female, her husband got all disappointed and basically sat in the corner angrily mumbling to himself. Obviously this made everyone really uncomfortable, and my sister really distraught. I decided to talk to him, because frankly he was acting ridiculous and i thought i could make him see that so he could just move past it.

I asked him why he was so upset, and he was like “really? obviously I don’t want a daughter, I wanted a son”. I asked, why the genitals matter so much (which that is literally how the see the s** of a fetus), he called me a creep. I responded with “come on man, are you really gonna just throw a tantrum?

Do you even care how your wife feels about this.” He yelled “how dare you try and tell me what to do in my own home, you stupid b**ch”. At this point I lost my temper a little, and I said “if you plan on raising a child in a few months you better stop acting like one yourself. Just do everyone a favor and grow tf up”.

He started getting increasingly hostile and I realized I was not accomplishing my goal so I removed myself from the situation. Later my sister got mad AT ME, and said I should have just left him be, and now it’s my fault that he is “refusing to raise a girl”.


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One reader said that this guy was NTA for what he did…and by the way, “prat” means idiot.

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Another individual agreed and said this is exactly why they don’t like gender reveal parties.

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And this Reddit user said the woman should not let this guy raise the kid with her.

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