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AITA for not renaming my puppy because my sister wanted to use it for her unborn kid?

“This feels pretty dumb but here’s the situation. My sister is 7 months pregnant with her first kid .

She and her husband didn’t want to tell anyone the name of their to be born son until he’s born, fine by me I’d probably do the same. Well last week I adopted a pup and named him Eddie. I’ve always liked “human names” for dogs and growing up on Ed Ed & Eddy it just felt right.

My GF posted on IG a pic of Eddie with his new collar and custom dog bowl and then my sister called me telling me I have to change the name because they are naming their son Edward after her father in law and will be calling him Eddie.

I told her the dog is already named, it fits him, we bought stuff with the name already, and its not like anyone will confuse a dog for a human anyway. She keeps insisting we do so and says I’m already being a bad uncle by not.

This feels so stupid to me but AITA?”

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