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AITA for telling my coworker to stop using my personal belongings?

“So, I (28F) have been working at this small software company for about three years now, and I genuinely love my job. I have great coworkers and the work environment is generally positive. However, there is this one coworker, let’s call her Sarah (32F), who has been increasingly crossing boundaries.

A bit of background, Sarah joined the company around a year ago, and we were initially friendly. We would have lunch together occasionally and chat about random things. I didn’t think much of it, and it seemed like a normal office friendship. However, over time, I noticed that Sarah had started to use my belongings without asking for permission.

For example, she would take my stapler, pens, or even my phone charger without asking. At first, I brushed it off as her just being forgetful and not realizing that these were my personal items. I tried to be understanding and not let it bother me.

But then, things started to escalate. One day, I brought in a special lunch I had prepared as a treat for myself. It was a dish that my grandmother used to make for me, and it had a lot of sentimental value. I had placed it in the fridge with a note clearly stating it was mine. When lunchtime came around, I discovered that Sarah had taken and eaten my lunch. I confronted her, and she apologized, claiming that she thought it was meant for the whole office to share. I didn’t buy it, but I let it go to avoid causing a scene.

Over the next few months, Sarah’s behavior continued to worsen. She began using my personal laptop without asking, even though we all have our own work computers. She would also use my coffee mug and other personal items, despite me having my name on them. I tried to address it politely and asked her to stop, but she would just laugh it off and say she didn’t mean any harm.

Finally, I reached my breaking point last week. I had bought a new, expensive pair of headphones to use at work, and I had left them on my desk overnight. When I arrived the next day, I found Sarah using them at her desk. I was furious and asked her to hand them over immediately.

She tried to play it off as a joke, but I had enough. I told her that it was not funny and that she needed to stop using my personal belongings without permission. I said it was disrespectful and a violation of my privacy.

The rest of the office heard the commotion and some of my coworkers agreed with me, while others said I was overreacting and should let it go. Sarah hasn’t spoken to me since, and the atmosphere has become tense. A few coworkers have even suggested that I owe Sarah an apology for embarrassing her in front of everyone.

So, AITA for telling my coworker to stop using my personal belongings?”

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