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AITA for putting mistakes in my shared Google Doc notes?

“I(21M) am currently taking Organic Chemistry I.

Needless to say, the class is incredibly tough. Luckily though, I have been studying since day 1 so I am doing alright in the class. I am taking the class with a group of friends, so to help them out, I shared the personal notes that I take in class with them via a google doc, and I encouraged them to invite anyone they know.

Recently, one of my friends invited a friend of theirs, let’s call her Jess(20F), who i’ve never really interacted with, but I have a massive crush on. I think she and I would make a great couple, but she’s not really into sensitive smart guys, because on her Instagram, I see all her stories show her out with really jock-like men.

Our third exam is in a couple of days, and as I was going through the google doc, I realized that she was using my doc the most. You can see who looks at or edits the doc on google docs, and most of my other friends would pop up sometimes, but I would see her icon pop up alot.

I also know for a fact that she isn’t doing well in the class, so I got a really good idea. I would put subtle mistakes in the doc so that she wouldn’t do well in the exam, and then I can offer to tutor her. That way, I can interact with her and talk to her, so that she’ll realize that I have a great personality, and we can hopefully go out together.

I told my friend about this plan, and they called me an “incel AH”. Personally, I think they’re overreacting, because Jess isn’t going to do well either way, even if I don’t put mistakes, so my plan will actually benefit her grades, while also allowing me to interact with her and talk to her.

I think it’s a win win for everyone, but I was wondering if my friend may have been on to something, so AITA?”

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