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AITA for skipping New Year’s Eve at my child free sisters?

“Last week I hosted Christmas for my family. I (33M) have a 2 year with my wife. Every year its at my sister, parents, or my house and it rotates every year. One of us hosts Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years.

In the last year my sister, who is vocally child free, got a dog. I love my sister, but we are very much opposites. When I had my kid it changed our relationship a bit. She tolerates (her words) my son. She has never watched him, i’ve also never asked. My son is present at all family functions, this annoys my sister.

My sister has turned into your classic dog mom. World revolves around the dog type. I do not own dogs, and really don’t want to be around them. I don’t want them in my house. Well my sister wanted to bring her dog to Christmas, and I said no. Its well trained and overall okay for a dog, I just didn’t want it at my house, or even my yard. She complied and left it alone but was not happy about and let me know that several times.

The day before New Years Eve, she told me kids weren’t welcome at her house. I was taken back by this and asked why. She just said alcohol would be present (we all drink and family friends also come to this party), and just said it wouldn’t be appropriate for a 2 year old to be present.

My wife and I had planned to only stay till 10 anyway and then would go home because of our kid. We reconsidered and opted to not go at all and respected my sisters wishes by keeping the kid at home. I let her know a half hour before the party started.

Wife and I treated it like any other night, we didn’t even stay up till midnight. By Eleven, I noticed missed calls from her, and didn’t answer. Fell asleep while texts started coming in. Calling me an a**hole.

Calling me a dog h**er. Saying it was rude I didn’t come to the party. Said it was bulls**t that she got my kid a Christmas present but didn’t get her dog anything. The list went on, she was clearly dr**nk. I tried to call her, she didn’t answer and got a text, “I’m not answering a**hole”.

So AITA here?”

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