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AITA for getting my daughter a hotel room entirely for herself after her stepsisters made her sleep on the floor?

“My dad passed away 2 weeks ago. Me, my wife ‘Candace’ and my daughter (16) ‘Shiloh’ and her stepsisters (19) & (17) flew to my hometown to attend the funeral. After that we got 2 hotel rooms (one for me and Candace, one for the girls).

While I was in the room, I got a call from Shiloh at 11pm crying and sounded like she was arguing with her stepsisters. I asked what the matter was and she told me that her stepsisters insisted that she sleep on the floor (there were one large bed in the room and there was enough space for all 3 girls to sleep on). I asked why and she said she didn’t know. I went to see what the issue was and talked with my stepdaughters about it.

They kept talking but didn’t really explain why they told her to sleep on the floor. They just shrugged and said “It’s better this way…we’re more comfortable this way..”. I told Shiloh to grab her things and when one of my stepdaughters asked where we were going, I told her I was booking her a hotel room. Both looked upset but didn’t say anything but they must’ve called their mom because she was awake when I got back and started arguing with me about giving Shiloh an entire hotel room for herself.

I explained why I did it but she said I wasted money and that Shiloh could’ve sucked it up for one night on the floor. I called her unreasonable for saying this but she told me I showed the girls that I’m “playing favorites” and made my stepdaughters share a room while I gave my daughter and entire room for herself.

We went home and Candace is still bringing it up saying I mishandled this. She even pointed out how my stepdaughters are upset since they’re not speaking to me.”

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