I guess people who are getting their weddings paid for by their parents probably should clear the guest list with them first, huh?

Because if they don’t, complications like the ones you’re going to read about can pop up and throw the whole thing out of whack…and it might even get ugly.

So is this dad a jerk for not paying for his daughter’s wedding after he found out who she invited?

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AITA for not paying for my daughter’s wedding because she invited my brother and his family?

“I’m 46M, my brother 48M.

When I was 20, my then girlfriend cheated with my brother. I was heartbroken and pi**ed. I told him he is no longer my brother. Despite my request, my family didnt cut him off, so I told them that I will never again be in the same place as he is. If they wish to invite both, then they should just invite him as I am the one giving ultimate.

My daughter is getting married in spring next year. In our culture both parents are paying for the wedding, 50/50. Unexpectedly, my daughter sat me down and told me that she will be inviting my brother and his family(he married my cheating ex). Apparently, she was seeing them for the last 4 years and built a relationship behind my back. She even wants her cousin to be some kind of flower girl.

I was pi**ed. I told her what my boundaries are and if my brother is invited then I will not pay my part of the wedding. She became angry and told me its time to let go of the past. I told her its not her call to make. We argued some more and she told me I am making her wedding about myself. I told her I will probably not even attend so it will be all about her. She left crying.

My ex-wife called me screaming and told me I’m huge AH and our daughter is crushed. Then my parents called, same thing. I told them off and now I’m ignoring their calls. My GF told me to reconsider and appologize. That by not paying and attending I will break relationship with my daughter. I don’t know. I think my boundaries should be respected.

Am I a**hole for that?”

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