Ordering food for delivery can be a crapshoot: sometimes you get what ordered with no issues, and other times you really get the short end of the stick.

And a TikTokker named Alex Mutammara definitely had a bad experience with Uber Eats. His order totaled $24.88 for delivery but the next day he saw a random charge of $57.24 on his account.

Mutammara said he’s tried to reach out to Uber Eats for a refund but hasn’t had any luck.

Take a look at his video.

@alexmutammara #stitch with @uber #greenscreen idk if this has happened to other people but y’all need to come get your customer service team 💀 #ubereats #scam #overcharged ♬ original sound – Alex Mutammara

And you better believe people on TikTok had things to say about this.

One person said,

“I went back-and-forth with Uber a few months ago about a charge that was an authorized that I didn’t make.

They kept on closing my chat & they wouldn’t.”

Another viewer added,

“I hope they fix this feature. I have had issues both as a customer and a driver.

They can’t even track people down.”

And one TikTokker commented,

“That ALWAYS happens to me when complaining with Uber.

I choose different problem category, or say not delivered and get refunded.

Their [customer service] is trash.”

One viewer offered up some advice and said,

“Tweet about it!

I only ever get help from Uber Eats if I call them out on Twitter!”

Keep your fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen to you, friends…

Have you had any bad food delivery experiences?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!