This is the year that we must stop and listen to our neighbors–the ones we don’t know, the ones who struggle, the ones who don’t look like the rest of the neighborhood.

Sadly, they stand out because they are Black while living in a predominately white populated neighborhood.

And, they are scared.

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Over on Scary Mommy, one man writes about his experiences as a member of the only Black family in his neighborhood. In the four years he has lived there, he’s too frightened to walk his dog without bringing along one of his two daughters as a buffer against the racism he endures.

Twice a day, I walk my dog Ace around my neighborhood with one, or both, of my girls.

I know that doesn’t seem noteworthy, but here’s something that I must admit: I would be scared to death to take these walks without my girls and my dog.

In fact, in the four years living in my house, I have never taken a walk around my neighborhood alone (and probably never will).

He says he feels having one or both of his daughters with him portrays the picture of who he truly is–a man who loves his kids and walking his little dog. But without them, his neighbors see him as a threat and will act accordingly by confronting him or even calling the police.

If you’re surprised by this, don’t be. We live in a world where there is a sizable amount of people who actually believe that racism isn’t a thing, and that White Privilege is a made-up fantasy to be politically-correct.

Yes, even despite George Floyd, Christian Cooper, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor (and countless other examples before them, and many to come afterward), some people still don’t seem to get it.

He brings up some excellent points about racism, white privilege and why saying “all lives matter” is damaging to the cause.

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Read more of what he has to say on Scary Mommy.

It’s an eye-opening read on how a Black man needs his little daughters with him to prove he’s a harmless citizen who is just walking his dog.