Dean Nicholson was tired of working his 9-to-5 job as a welder so he decided to set out on an epic journey. The 31-year-old from Dunbar, Scotland decided he was going to cycle around the world by himself, beginning in September 2018.


He was well into his trip, crossing the border from Bosnia into Montenegro, when something unexpected happened. As Nicholson was ascending a steep hill, he heard a meow behind him and decided to investigate. He found a little kitty and, as we all would, stopped to pet her before resuming his trip.

But the kitten was so affectionate that Nicholson immediately felt a connection with the stray. He reasoned that she must have been dumped there because she was obviously very hungry and in the middle of nowhere. So, he did what he had to do: He took the cat to a vet and decided he now had a traveling partner for his journey.

And he named her Nala.



The two have become the best of friends and are experiencing the trip of a lifetime together. Nala did get sick during one point in the trip, and the two relaxed at a hostel for several weeks while the feisty feline recovered.




The two continue to travel the world together, and, we have to say, we’re all a little envious of this excellent adventure.



Check out Nicholson and Nala’s GoFundMe page and their Facebook page as well!

Safe travels, you two!