A man named Travis recently took to Twitter to share a little story about his wife, who was seven months pregnant at the time.

It seems that his heavily pregnant wife didn’t feel like working out one morning. And while that might be understandable to many, Travis didn’t see it that way.

Instead, Travis shared that he basically made his wife workout anyway… and Twitter was not happy about it.

In the since-deleted tweet, Travis writes:

My wife, who is almost 7 mos. pregnant, wasn’t in the mood to work out this morning.

So, rather than lecture to her, resent her, or whine about it, I threw on the exercise video and did it with her.

Our kids saw us and joined in.

No one talks about this part of marriage/dating.

While there’s definitely nothing wrong with a pregnant woman working out, it’s also completely understandable that she might not want to every day.

Also, Travis’s explanation that he chose to workout with her instead of “lecture” his fully grown wife is questionable.

It’s also odd that Travis believes he would resent his wife if she chose to not work out, and that’s exactly what Twitter asked him about.

Many were surprised that Travis even had the audacity to tweet this in the first place. That’s definitely a lot to just put out into the world.

Travis has deleted the tweets he sent in reply, but he dove in straightaway:

Is this an actual question you want answered or is it rhetorical?

You’ve never heard of a person complain about their partner’s physical condition?

I used those words because I was making a broader point about relationships. I was speaking generally because I know what happens in the real world. That’s all.

People still weren’t buying it.


Others noted that if their own partners tried to “lecture” them about anything, it wouldn’t go over well at all.


Travis even tried to double down on his opinion that this behavior is commonplace in relationships.

I didn’t think I would need to explain this, but resentment in marriages/relationships is extraordinarily common, whether wrong or right. People resent their spouses making more than them.

I’ve heard of wives being resentful of their partners being ill or seriously injured…

Whoever doesn’t get that is either being dense or isn’t in a place in life to be able to process fully what I was saying.

But nope… Twitter was still mad.


I mean, can you blame them?


Others pointed out that Travis could have just done something nice for his wife that day.

Here’s hoping that his wife was reading along! Which part of this story shocked you the most?

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