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Do you remember those things that used to be everywhere back in the day? They were called “phone booths” and if you are of a certain age, you used to see them all over the place and you probably used them quite a bit to call your parents and check in from somewhere…like the Taco Bell parking lot…

And that brings us to today’s article!

A TikTok user who uses the handle solopsist creates funny videos that revolve around him interacting with phone booths.

You never know what you’re gonna get in his videos and sometimes he even gets a little bit WEIRD.

@solopsist Eat the rich #HoldMyMilk #chocolatelover #ediblefoodcravings ♬ original sound – solopsist

He seems to love to dabble in the surreal and his videos always bring something unexpected and strange.

Here’s another one for you to check out.

@solopsist Nothing is real everything is permitted #payphone #spfx #pranks ♬ original sound – solopsist

And here’s one more of his funny videos for good measure for you to check out.

@solopsist Everything is full of candy if you dream. #dreamaesthetic #tiktokart #smash #wtf #payphonechallenge #streetart ♬ original sound – solopsist

Who knew there were still so many of these things around?!?! Well, at least someone is getting some good use out of them…and I hope I run into a chocolate one someday!

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