Slow, thoughtful pranks that take place over weeks and months really are the best kind of pranks. Rather than hitting the intended victim all at once, these subtle pranks slowly start to build, increasing in intensity until the person finally notices and everyone gets a huge laugh out of it.

Kristen Vogler did exactly that when she slowly replaced family photos hung on the wall with crayon drawings.

The best part? It took her family 11 days to even notice.

“I love doing harmless pranks in general and was talking to my younger sister about a prank someone pulled that involved replacing family photos with Nicolas Cage. But I don’t have a color printer, so knew that wouldn’t work. I happened to have a box of crayons and it all sort of clicked from there.

That was several months ago, however.

It wasn’t until COVID-19 that I found myself with more time on my hands and I actually could start it.”.

Here’s how the wall looked to begin with. Totally normal wall of family photos of varying shapes, sizes and types. Nothing to see here:

And here’s day one of the prank.

See if you notice anything out of the ordinary:

Even by day four, it’s still pretty subtle:

But by day six, I mean come on, how could her family not notice something amiss?

By day 11, Vogler had nearly run out of photos to replace with drawings:

But finally, her mom caught on and had the best reaction ever:

And just for good measure, even though the jig was up, Vogler replaced the one last photo left standing:

This is hilarious and exactly what the world needs right now. Plus, it kept Vogler busy for 12 days straight and gave her an excuse to bust out the Crayons. Any day you can break out your Crayons is a good day.

What’s the best subtle prank you’ve ever pulled? We’d love to get a good laugh from it!

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