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AITA for telling my sister she’s the reason our parents are divorcing?

“About a month ago, my (24, M) parents (55 F, 57 M) announced they were getting divorced. This has been quite a shock to most people as they seemed to be having to issues out of the ordinary. However, I have been the one privy to the information of why they are divorcing.

It’s because of my sister “Anne” (26 F). Anne is a deadbeat. She has never worked more than 14 hours a week since getting expelled from college for multiple acts of cheating and code of conduct violations 5 years ago. All she does is sit at home most days watching TV or going over to her loser boyfriend’s house to get high.

She feels no need to support herself and expects my parents to carry her through life. She’s been in therapy since she was 14 but cannot keep one for more than a year because she gets dropped as a client due to her lying and inability to show up to appointments.

My parents have spent over a decade trying to get some mental issue pinned down for Anne and all they’ve gotten is she’s just a lazy narcissist.

Last year my Mom decided enough was enough and planned to kick Anne to the curb and wash her hands of her. Dad disagreed, and in the end, the two’s marriage got torn apart. I know because both have come to me basically admitting that if Anne was not a factor divorce would not even be a consideration.

I don’t get along with Anne for a variety of reasons. She has always been a bully and owes me a large sum of money at the moment. The thing that boils my blood though is that she’s oblivious to the situation between our parents, or just doesn’t care.

She had a literal tantrum when the possibility of the house being sold came up because she didn’t want to have to move to an apartment with my dad.

Last night I found myself at my parent’s house and had the misfortune of talking to Anne. Anne mentioned that she’s getting really sick of my mom’s “melodramatic s**t” and not just leaving the house to her and my dad.

Something struck me at that moment and I just asked Anne if she really does not care that she’s such a selfish, garbage, waste of space human that she’s driven her parents to get a divorce. I elaborated, and told her the full truth that she is in fact the only reason they are getting a divorce because mom’s finally realized that there is no hope Anne will ever grow up.

The s**tstorm this caused was massive. Anne acted as if I sold her out to the Romans and my parents argued between “she deserves to know” and “we told you that in confidence.”

Because Anne cannot keep her mouth shut either, the entire extended family has begun to hear too. I want to know before opinions start forming outside the inner circle if I am the a**hole here.”

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