Have you ever called the cops…ON A FAMILY MEMBER?

Well, if you haven’t, you now get to live vicariously through someone who did just that…on his brother.

And now he wants to know if he was an a**hole for doing so.

Let’s see what went down!

AITA for calling the police on my brother.

“So for Christmas my mother got me and my wife a pride flag, and we hung it on the outside of our garage. It got stolen a few days ago, but since we have cameras we were able to figure out the culprit was my brother.

This isn’t a huge surprise, I came out at 12 and in the 32 years later and he has been nothing but horrible to me because of that.

I decided even so to call him up and ask him to return the flag, I told him that as long as he doesn’t do it again we can forget about it. He refused and said some homophobic slurs, so I called the police and reported it.

He is on probation so he could go back to jail now. He called me and cursed me out saying I’m sending him to jail for stealing a $10 flag.


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This reader summed it up pretty succintly.

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And another Reddit user said this whole situation is the brother’s fault…he doesn’t sound too bright, does he?

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And this person said that the person who wrote the post is DEFINITELY not the a**hole here.

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