I’ve never understood the no closed-door policy that some parents implement in their houses for their kids.

I grew up in a house with five kids and our parents never had that rule, but I remember going to friends’ houses and they weren’t allowed to close their doors: EVER.

And this dad wants to know if he’s an a**hole for having that rules for his teenage kids.

Let’s take a look.

AITA for not allowing my kids to close the room door?

“We have a rule in our family whereby the kids (15F and 13M) are not allowed to close the room doors.

The kids spend most of the time in the common study room, whether reading, studying, gaming etc. and their computer screens all face the door. My kids have told me they would like to room door to be closed and feel that their privacy is being violated and they cannot concentrate.

However, my wife and I feel that this is a house rule and there should be no secrets between family members.We do not wish for them to spiral down a deep hole of secrets which might be too late when they realise they need help.

Furthermore, when they grow up and work in an office, whatever they do on the computer screen will also be visible to their coworkers. My wife and I think this rule is quite fair, but the kids insist otherwise.


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