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A married couple going back and forth about one of them wanting to go to medical school and the other person not being into the idea.


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AITA for not letting my wife go to medical school?

“I (M35) have a wife (F34) who stays home to take care of our two children. I am a relatively wealthy software engineer, and I have been trying to be financially responsible to save money for retirement and my children’s college.

After getting into a few medical TV shows, my wife has had an obsession with being a doctor and has been trying to convince me to pay for her applications to multiple medical schools.

I think this is a stupid decision because my wife has been out of her communications degree for eleven years now, and she hasn’t even taken the MCAT or anything like that. And if by some slim chance she gets into medical school, her tuition would wreck our finances and cause all sorts of problems with childcare.

I tried explaining to her that this decision isn’t realistic and suggested that she tried to do some other training like being a CNA to get a taste for the medical field first, but she got mad at me and said that I am stealing away her career aspirations.


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One person said he’s NTA and she might want to consider nursing school.

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And this reader agreed and said nursing is probably the way to go.

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Another individual said his wife just seems unrealistic about this.

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