You ruined my trip!

I’m kind of mocking this person but in all honesty, I’d be pretty angry if someone ruined my vacation.

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AITA for telling my sister I h**e her for ruining my trip in the worst way possible?

“I (17f) recently had a falling out with my sister(23) in September. We haven’t talked in about 4 months due to issues involving our mother and sides were chosen on her half that I had no intention of being okay with so I stepped away and went no contact with both of them.

I went on a trip to see my long distance boyfriend for the first time since dating for 7 months. I was ecstatic and so happy to finally be with him for his birthday and have some time to be together. On the 3rd day of my trip I get a call from my sister that I declined, I didn’t want any drama that always came along with answering her calls and left it alone.

I then get a call from her boyfriend Who’s freaking out and sobbing, he tells me that my sister had gotten into a head on crash with a truck and died. Of course I was absolutely hysterical, I couldn’t walk I was in so much anguish. I frantically packed my bags and called my dad to tell him what just happened and if he could get me a ticket.

He did, my boyfriend came with me on the courtesy of my dad not wanting me to be alone. I fly out at 3 in the morning and get picked up by my dad, I’m still losing my mind over my sister. It takes an hour from the airport to her house and so I call her bf’s number telling him I’ll be there and and I need to know what happened when I get there.

I get there and run to the door with my dad in tow, my bf stays in the car out of respect and I frantically wait to be let in.

My sister answer the door with the biggest s**t eating grin on her face, she says So you do care about me?. Me and my dad are floored. My dad immediately gets angry (in the saddest way possible) and bitter towards her and starts to huff and puff at her about how that her pulling this isn’t a joke. She just shrugs at it and says towards me: “I only did it so I know you’d even care since you like to choose favorites with our parents.”

I’m still speechless at that point, I gathered enough of myself to tell her that the reason I stoped taking to mom was because of years of mental and emotional abuse and manipulation, that I couldn’t take being used as a middle man or the family failure scapegoat. I told her I just had the worst 7 hours of my life and that this just showed that SHE didn’t care enough about me to think how this would effect me mentally.

Never in my life have I ever felt such grief, sadness, and anguish. I was a mess.

I told her I h**e her. I left her house and my dad got us to cheap hotel to sleep at. I’m still getting text from her and my mom for what I said was rude and how I reacted was unnecessary for a “little test”.

I feel like I may have overreacted but I just need some outside perspective, AITA?”

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