One of the best things about doing a road trip through any country, but I think the United States specifically, is how in each and every state, you have the opportunity to undercover something truly unique.

Sometimes the finds are cheesy, other times quirky, and there are a few gems out there that are genuinely mysterious and a little bit creepy – and if you ask me, this rocking horse graveyard checks every single box that would make me take a detour on a trip through Massachusetts.


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To find Ponyhenge you’ll need to detour though Lincoln Massachusetts, and though it’s only about 12 years old, no one really knows why it was created or by whom – hence the mystery.

What we know is that around 2010, toy horses began to appear in this small new England town. It began with a single rocking horse discarded in a field along Old Sudbury Road, but according to neighboring farmers Jimmy Pingeon and Elizabeth Grover, the phenomenon just continued to grow.

They told the Boston Globe back in 2015 that the original horse appeared leftover from a Headless Horseman display, and they figured maybe a child or family would pick it up and take it home.


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It seems the locals had other ideas, though, because other horse toys soon began to join the first.

Not long afterward, a herd of rocking horses, hobby horses, and other horse toys had gathered in the empty field, and there continue to be dozens hanging out together at any given time.

Depending on when you go, you might see something a bit different than the day before – people go out and arrange them in circles, or line them up as if they’re about to race, and recently, many of them have made the personal choice to protect themselves and others with face masks.

Ponyhenge lives on private property but you’re welcome to visit as long as you’re respectful – at least one couple chose to get married on the site in 2020.

If you’re curious and dying for your own personal peek, take Route 117 West to Old Sudbury Road and go about a half a mile, where you should see the graveyard on your left.


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For the directionally challenged, you can just plug 39 Old Sudbury Road, Lincoln, MA into your GPS to find the spot, too.

Have you been to Ponyhenge? Are you planning to visit?

Tell us what your experience was like – and what the ponies were doing that day – down in the comments!