When you look at the statistics, you can see that at any given time, the most common number of children for a family to have is actually just one, followed by two, and trailing a bit distantly is three or more.

Which means that if you, like me, grew up with two or more siblings, your experience is actually in the minority, even though the things we’ve seen feel so very universal, and are so aptly expressed in these memes.

15. The attack

Oh now you’ve done it, you’ve unleashed the beast.

14. The difference

Gotta smile for the camera.

13. Oops

He was like this when I found him, I swear.

12. The oldest trick in the book

In the era of all-wireless controllers it’s even harder for them to tell.

11. Ending the cycle

I am with you in this cause.

10. The smug look

I have everything and you have nothing!

9. What a twist

Then you learn the trick and perpetuate it on others, that’s how this goes.

8. Take a seat

It’s not about comfort, it’s about the principal of the thing.

7. The ruse

TV day, here I come.

6. What’s mine is mine

We’re not super great at leaning toward equity naturally.

5. The switcheroo

You shouldn’t have. No really, you shouldn’t have.

4. Mean machine

I ain’t your dad.

3. Brutal

If you let me keep a 60/40 share of the money you can beat the crap out of me, homes.

2. Don’t tell mom

It goes on and on.


1. The look

This too shall pass.

Ah, siblings. Gotta love ’em. GOTTA.

What are your siblings like?

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