I get along pretty well with everyone, but I gotta say that there’s a certain type of frat boy, do**hebag that I’m not a huge fan of.

The kind that is loud, obnoxious, entitled, and talks down to men and women alike.

It’s so gross!

AskReddit users who are men admitted what annoys them most about other guys.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Alpha dogs.

“The guys who have to be the alpha.

They usually start asserting their dominance when they give you a handshake that turns your knuckles white.

Then it progresses to invading your personal space while puffing their chest out. Insecure losers.”

2. Getting desperate.

“Guys that behave desperately around women and won’t stop hitting on them even if they clearly aren’t interested.

I once nearly got into a fight because this one guy was hitting on a good friend of mine and tried to get her attention by stealing her stuff, and when I stopped him he got really angry.”

3. Double standard.

“How some men have no problem going after another man’s GF or spouse, but they go psycho if it happens to them.”

4. Gross.

“The creepy and inappropriate questions and comments the older men make to the young bartenders where I work.”

5. Not cool.

“When they make an unfunny joke at your expense to look good in front of women.

A total jerk move!”

6. Bad news.

“The sleazy husbands.

The men who disrespect women publicly and the men who shame other men for being more in touch with their feelings.”

7. Not adulting.

“Men who can’t clean their own mess, do their laundry, cook their own food, being a functional adult basically.

I used to live with 3 other people, 2 men and one woman, the guys couldn’t help keeping the house clean even if their lives depended on it.

One of them would help if pressured (but I’d had to clean everything again because he had such low cleaning standards) but the other one wouldn’t pick up a broom.”

8. Deadbeats.

“Not standing up to be a father to their children, absent dads.

Saying oh I have to babysit my kids. No! You are parenting your children while the mother is out or away”

9. Aggravating.

“Dudes who would rather put you down for not knowing every single detail about something rather then genuinely trying to help teach others and spread information.

And if they do manage to give a hell to help, they for whatever reason, have to have this demeaning, belittling tone.”

10. Just admit it.

“Having to know EVERYTHING, or out-expert each other.

When did it become “unmanly” to say “I don’t know”?”

11. Lame.

“Guys who s**t on what other people like and don’t like of because of stupid macho bulls**t.

“I dont trust men that like cats.” – A male coworker.”

12. Support each other.

“Men not supporting other men emotionally, even when it doesn’t seem like they need it.

Every man needs emotional support, especially from other men.”

13. Disgusting.

“Showing others p**n or offensive type stuff in public.

Like why do they feel the need to do this?

I just don’t get it.”

What annoys YOU about other men?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!