What is true love…?

It’s a question that’s eluded men and women since the beginning of time…

And we’re hoping these deep thoughts from men on AskReddit will give the fellas out there some solid ideas about how to figure out this big mystery of life.

Let’s see what these guys had to say!

1. Good stuff.

“Love is when you feel like the world is on your shoulders and everyone who is living in it is after you but when she hold you in her arms it’s all suddenly gone. She gives you the strength to keep fighting to not only better yourself but to make each others life better.

Love is that extra special kiss before you leave for work that day . Love is that home cooked meal that only you can enjoy to the fullest with her bedside you . Love is that warmth on a cold night that only her under the sheets can give you . I could go on but that’s love .”

2. A child’s love.

“Love is when I’m going to bed and my daughter is making big sad face because she can’t be in here while I’m sleeping but I bring her in here anyways while she eats a honeybun and watches cartoons and makes it a point to lean on me while she does it.”

3. LOVE.

“Putting your partner before yourself and taking satisfaction in the knowledge they know they can depend on you in any given situation, but there are so many different kinds of love.

I love my dog for his innocence, I love my wife for about twenty different reasons.”

4. Need and want.

“Love is where need and want perfectly meet.

Love is what makes you realize life is beautiful, and not always so indifferent and cruel.

True love makes no sense at all, but sets everything right.”

5. Unconditional.

“Unconditionally loving somebody for who they are. Being able to open up and talk about absolutely anything without fear of being judged. Not giving up on them when things get difficult.

Working through problems together. Your problems are my problems and vice-vursa. Being able to always brighten their day, being able to make them smile and laugh uncontrollably. Always being there for support without fail.

Reassuring them that they will always have you if they need you and that if you aren’t doing fine, then they’ll be there to support you, unconditionally.”

6. All of it.

“I’ve always believed love is that feeling after the honeymoon phase where you see that person with all their flaws but choose to be with them regardless.

Obviously if you can’t handle their flaws don’t be with them.”

7. Safety.

“Love is deeper than how you feel at any moment, love makes you feel the complete opposite of ugly for the the record is not beautiful, it’s safe.”

8. A good description.

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude.

It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.”

9. Yes!

“When you know that the other person deserves the best and you want to be that.

Love is not giving up when things get difficult.

Love is investing your time in someone.”

10. Do it anyway.

“Love is knowing that your relationship is going to almost certainly end in the immense pain of a breakup or death but choosing to do it anyway.”

11. Just imagine…

“Love is the ability to be yourself down to your core, to care about others over your own happiness. Not in a way that sabotages yourself, but shows the very purest sides of our heart.

Love is a bed you can always come home to, sometimes it will be made, sometimes it will be messy. But it will always be there for you to sleep. Love is pain, a hurt that has no answer, a feeling that we dont get over.

We learn to live with it, even when its tough, and in the end become better and more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.”

12. No doubt.

“I wake up everyday and the first thing I do is check my phone to see if she has texted me.

My heart fills up when she does and gets so sad when she doesn’t. But even when she doesn’t text at first, I usually get some variation of “Good morning handsome!! I hope you have a great day! 😘” eventually. It’s like a 40% boost to my happiness each day. There’s a pep in my step if you will.

I’m constantly thinking of ways to make her laugh or make her happy. I look at her and think: “I don’t know what I did to get this woman but I damn sure don’t want to lose her.” She frustrates the absolute shit out of me sometimes and at the end of every day, I have zero doubt: she is the woman I want to live this life with.

I don’t even like other women’s pictures on social media anymore. It’s like I’ve become blind to other beautiful women. Yeah, you’re attractive, but I don’t want you. I want her. I don’t desire you. I desire her. She makes me better. She’s my cheerleader. She is everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. Sexy, intelligent, intimidating, driven, kind, crazy, cool. I’ve been in so many absolute shit relationships.

I use to think, “Yeah, I’ve dated some good girls.” I was so wrong. I thought I had good girlfriends because they were my only comparison. And then I found her, and it’s like, “Holy shit, I’ve dated some trash.” She randomly scratches my head and back and I purr like a walrus.

She buys me random gifts. I could ramble for hours about how amazing she is. I hate that she owns my heart cause she could damage it so easily. It’s fragile in her hands, but she treats it like it’s surrounded by pillows.

So, to me, that is love. I love her.”

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