Okay, guys, it’s time for some of your fellow men to lay it all out there.

Because we’re about to hear from fellas on AskReddit about what they REALLY want.

So no more BS, okay?

Let’s get real!

1. Not fun anymore.

“A house I can afford.

I h**e having roommates in my 30s.”

2. Got it all figured out.

“This man wants one thing and one thing only, to find the missing 2×6 block to complete my millennium Falcon Lego set.”

3. Sums it up.

“A livable wage, a wife, kids so I can enjoy the holidays again, and a place to live that is reliable.”

4. Sounds nice.

“100 acres of property. An Airstream or small cabin.

A dog. A cat. A garden. A shooting range.”

5. Validation.

“To be validated.

Just had my wedding and we didn’t know our vows ahead of time and my wife’s were “I promise to make sure you always feel heard”. It’s not even something I knew I needed, but she did.

Just a big wave of relief and warmth and reflection knowing I’ll never feel belittled for expressing myself or my thoughts.”

6. What men want.

“To be sought after.

I’m sick of friendships and relationships where I’m the one putting in all the effort, seeking out time spent together, conversations, etc.

I want someone to care enough to reach out to me first.”

7. Less stress.

“I just want to not be stressed about how im going to provide for myself in this type of economy that favors people who are already wealthy.”

8. Just a little bit.

“Just a little genuine interest in how I’m doing.

I usually struggle to open up to people, but if someone asks me about my degree or how I manage my life I generally enjoy talking about it.

It helps me reflect.”

9. All of this.

“Speaking in broad strokes generalities, good family, good friends, good tunes, some fun hobbies, honest love, good s**, food, legacy, purpose, meaning, to be loved and wanted outside of our usefulness, a good hug, a bit of celebration, time to just think things through, a little peace, a good beverage, to feel good about ourselves, and a good night’s sleep.”

10. Just trying to relate.

“A girl to date who I actually relate to.

As an introvert, I want to be around another introvert like me, but it feels like there are only extroverted ones.

I want someone who I can share a room with and not have to speak to feel happy around her.”

11. Sympathy.

“A little bit of sympathy.

A lot of men do a lot of bad things and I don’t want to downplay that, but sometimes it feels like women take for granted that they get to be the recipient of every interaction with men, and are in a position to judge us.”

12. A simple life.

“To love someone, be loved in return, have a family, live a simple life, and overcome my own insecurities.”

What do YOU really want in life?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

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