I’ll tell you what I like less the older I get…


And noise.

And staying up late.

Wow…I am now ancient…

What do you like less the older you get?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Stayin’ home.

“Honestly, leaving the house.

I used to be a social butterfly and now I have to convince myself to go get basic necessities and go to work.”

2. Gets a lot harder…


It’s getting harder for me to bounce back on Sunday Fundays.

So much so that I moved them to Saturday.”

3. Annoying.


A lot of people dislike stuff simply because it’s popular, they think it makes them edgy and cool but they just seem like defiant teenagers to me nowadays.”

4. Too loud!

“Loud places.

Like bars and parties and stuff like that.”

5. Fed up.

“The world in general.

It feels less and less like it has anything to do with me, more alien and absurd with each passing year.

Perhaps that’s natural for a creature that is closer to d**th than birth.”

6. Gimme veggies.

“Junk food!

I can tell when I’m malnourished and it feels good to eat vegetables.”

7. A hassle.

“Shopping for anything…including groceries.

It used to be fun.

Now it’s a chore.”

8. Gotta get out.


Do not stay in the service industry longer than 10 years.

It really changes your perspective of how we live and the system we are in (USA).”

9. No time for it.

“Video games.

Not that I like them less inherently, but it feels like as an adult, I’m entering into a long term relationship every time I start a new video game that I don’t have time for.

The pile of shame for unfinished video games is real.”

10. Taking your life in your hands.


The more I see how little people care about their jobs, the more I questions how well put together those things are—especially at fairs and carnivals.”

11. Not a lot of fun.


I just turned 40 and I feel like I may never find someone.”

12. Here we go again…


As kids it’s about opening presents and eating, but as adults you need to be the one to cook the big meals all day and buy the presents for everyone.

Halloween was getting excited about dressing up and getting free candy but now it’s about buying candy to give away and maybe buying an expensive costume.”

13. Stay off my lawn!


I can’t believe I turned into that guy who peeks out the window whenever he hears a skateboard.”

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