There’s nothing better than spending a day at the lake, enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine with their friends. Well, actually, I lied, there is something better — spend the day at the lake with your dog.

But as every wise and responsible dog-parent knows, it’s really best for your four-legged friend to have a life jacket on, even if he’s an expert swimmer with years of experience. Why? Beause dogs get tired, just like humans. Beyond that, accidents can and do happen and you never know when your dog will need to fend for himself.

Life jackets also often make it easy to seamlessly pull your dog out of the water with an attached handle or a harness.

Good news, dog lovers: Now you can outfit your pooch in style with a life jacket that looks like a mermaid. It’s even more adorable than you might imagine:

Photo Credit: Amazon

And there are life vests for all sizes and breeds of dog, no matter how adventurous they may be in the water:

Photo Credit: Amazon

And even lots of different colors to choose from. Look at this handsome good boy!

Photo Credit: Amazon

BRB, gotta go load up the Amazon shopping cart with several of these adorable mermaid-style life jackets! What? It’s helpful to have two in case one is drying out from the day before, right?

What’s the most extra thing you’ve ever purchased or done for your dog? Anything over the top that you worried your friends would judge you for?

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