Have you ever thought a horror film and a child’s toy could come together as a creepy, yet cute concoction? Well, today’s your lucky day. Centipede inspired Furbies make quite the child’s upcycled toy. You can’t buy these in stores but if you have a pension for all things crafty, this might make you smile…or scream, depending on who you are.

Costume designer and sous chef in training, Look_I_Made_A_Hat took to Instructables and laid out a 16 step how-to on “Longifying Your Furby”.

It starts with a warning….kind of.

“If you just stumbled on this, I’d assume you’re very confused and possibly horrified.

We have two long children, Boots and Mothball, and plenty of commissions and adopts moving through our house constantly. We’ve made them from a 1998 Classic, a 1999 Furby Buddy, and a Mc Keychain. All of them are complete re-furb-ishments, where I replaced the head fabric before adding the length. In this instructable, I will show you how to this style and how to simply add more body.”

Why, yes, Look_I_Made_A_Hat, I am horrified.

But curiosity is a powerful thing and this twisted, wonderful human has an Instagram account, @boots_with_the_furb, so let’s check it out.


It’s safe to say this creature is quite adorable.

But what about this one?


Okay, still pretty damn cute. How did he do it?

Before you run out and buy just any Furby, there is a specific type recommended. They instruct, “This tutorial is for 1998 Classic Furbies and 1999 Furby Buddy only, nothing newer.”

“Original Furbies have the moving eyelids and beak and are slightly bigger, but can be harder to operate on. Furby Buddies are slightly smaller and easier to work with, but you don’t get the mobility. I would recommend a simple lengthening for anyone with meager sewing skills.”


As you follow along, it does get a tad complex. Be prepared to dismember the Furbies, mechanics and all, to the bare bones to reconstruct. This craft project is not for the weak but can be fun to tinker with. Especially on step 9 where you  paint and create your own unique “child”.

“Any type of paint works, I use acrylics but nail polishes are fun for the extra glitter.”

Once you sew the ears, feet and body you’ll get to add the “heart” *cough* stuffing then sew it up! Voila! A conversation piece for your next party.


Not sure I’ll be breaking out my sewing kit anytime soon but following this instagram is a must.

What do you think about these Furbies? Let us know in the comments!