Let’s be honest, pugs are adorable to begin with — squishy face, small cuddly body, big bulging eyes, curly tail that wags easily and often. But there’s one pug in London who really ups the ante for cuteness.

Milkshake, a 17-month-old puppy, has some incredibly unique coloring. He’s got pink skin and very light fur, along with light blue eyes – he definitely doesn’t look like any pug you’ve ever seen before.


He inherited the abnormal coloring, which is caused by a lack of pigmentation, from an albino ancestor.

His human mom Marie spotted him as a puppy among all his teeny brothers and sisters. She brought the little guy home and made him part of her family when he was just 10 weeks old.


Ever since then, she’s been posting absolutely adorable photos to Milkshake’s Instagram account, causing people all over the world to swoon at his precious pug antics:


According to his mom, Milkshake is very rare — she believes him to be one of just 100 pink pugs in the world.


Unlike truly albino animals, Milkshake doesn’t have any hearing loss or vision problems.


He’s a very good boy who gets spoiled by everyone he meets.

He also works with a trainer so that he can someday star in movies and advertisements.


Would you ever try to make your pet Instagram famous? Have you done it already? What was the result? Are you rich now? Can we ask you ALL the questions? Please?????

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