The rivalry between Millennials and Gen Z seems to still be going strong…

And here’s another feather that the Millennials can stick in their cap!

What could Millennials enjoy while growing up that Gen Z folks didn’t get to experience?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.


“Independence. True independence as a child.

I did not have a cell phone as a child. I rode my bike around town all the time. I would get home when I said I would, and my mother had no idea what I was actually doing.

She couldn’t track my cell phone, or text me to get an update. I of course always came back home, but when I was out, I was free.”

Make your own fun.

“It was ok to be unreachable.

This and remembering what it was like not to have the Internet as an ever-present distraction.”

The Wild West.

“The Wild West days of the internet.

The Forums. The places you and your niche interests could flourish and no one would call you weird or bizarre.

Social Media sucks these days. We were never meant to be all under one roof.”

Those days are long gone.

“Pre 9/11 airport security.

Airline pilots letting us kids into the cockpit and giving us sweets.”


“You could do something stupid as a kid and not worry about it being immortalized online.”

The best!

“Rent a movie from Blockbuster/Hollywood video!

I love the convenience of streaming dont get me wrong, but there was something really special about walking around the store and picking out the right movie, buying some snacks and really making an evening around watching a movie!”

Good times.

“Kid-oriented game shows.

Legends of the Hidden Temple, Double Dare, Nick Arcade, Global Guts, Figure It Out, etc.

‘90s Nickelodeon was something special.”

The strategy.

“Strategy guides.

Back in my day if you got stuck in a video game you had to buy a physical book called a strategy guide that would have walkthroughs and lists of items and enemies and such and you had to flip through to find the part you were stuck on.

And sometimes they would be wrong, and then you were just screwed. Now you can look up a YouTube video of someone showing you how to get through that part on your phone for free.”


“Taking photos with a camera and having to wait to get them developed.

Funny story, driving past Walgreens one day my daughter saw “1 hr photos” on the sign and asked me why people would sit for an hour to take a picture.

Oh you sweet summer child… get out of my car!”

Simpler times.

“Folding a road map up the correct way

Listening to dial-up

Grabbing the last copy of the newly released movie from the video store

Creating the perfect mix CD (you only had like 12 tracks, so that shit had to be perfect)

Regular sized Walmart

Funny SNL

Flip phones

Passing notes in school.”

I remember!

“Columbia House letting you get 12 CDs for stupid cheap (usually 1 dollar, but sometimes 1 penny), because you were then supposed to be contractually obligated to spend more every month.

But then Columbia House would try to collect/get you to order more, but you’d have your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) let them know you’re a minor & can’t legally enter contracts.”


“Affordable used cars. Like $5k was normal. Cars you could fix yourself, or at least get fixed without an engineer putting in new microchips. Cars were so much simpler.

There were fewer things on them that could break. And appliances lasted way longer too. Grandparents had a dryer for 20+ years. Washers, dryers, fridges, ovens, they all lasted longer than the 1 year warranty but dies in 5 years crap they’re churning out now.

And while new appliances were expensive, you weren’t forking out the same amount for a fridge as a used car.”

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