Cool flex, bro…

That’s what you’re proud of?!?!

Well, I guess it’s better than not having any flexes at all, right?

Check out these weird flexes from AskReddit users and see how yours measure up.

That’s cool.

“One of my favourite composers responded to an email I sent him asking for feedback on a cover I did of one of his tracks.

It was a lengthy and insightful response and it really did make the 6 months of working on it all worthwhile.”

Shape up!

“After 30 years of being a couch potato I started running in my fifties.

11 months later did a half marathon in a decent time for someone half my age.”

Broke the cycle.

“I’m not an addict and my kids 8 have never been in foster care or involved with child protective services.

I come from a long line of addicts and unruly white trash, and though I don’t have a high paying job, I do work and provide above and beyond what my parents ever did, without government aid.

Also 9 years sober from hard drugs.

I broke the cycle.”

Crushed it.

“Undefeated 7 & 8 year old little league baseball coach!

Especially proud because I was given what they though was a castaway squad.

Our tactics we non conventional but we freaking crushed.”

A lost art.

“My cursive handwriting is beautiful. Like something that came out of an old legal document from the 19th century I get compliments about it all the time even though many young people can’t read it.

Literally, nobody cares, but it’s certainly something I’m proud of, and I like it when people notice it. My mother had beautiful penmanship and actually worked as a calligraphist to make extra pocket money when she was in college so I guess that’s where I get it from.”

No problem.

“I’m a legally blind person, so I have residual vision.

I can still walk around my apartment and find my stuff when there’s a power outage using muscle memory.”

Too bad no one saw it.

“While drinking a glass of whiskey and smoking a ci**rette I accidentally dropped my phone and somehow caught it on the tip of my foot.

No one was there to see it happen. I’m proud as hell of that one in a million catch.”

The hustler.

“Won $500 on a game of 9-ball on the break when I was in the Army back in the 90s.

It was 100% pure bulls**t but I acted like it was intentional.

Never played a game while in the Army again and had a major rep for being a billiards bad a**.”

All by yourself.

“Despite my parents not believing that I’d finish high school, I graduated highschool, got my associates at my local community college, and am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree.

I’m a first generation Latina in a male dominated field but i got here without my parents help and without them believing in me. I did it for me, and I’m proud of me.”

Good for you.

“I have always wanted to be a biologist ever since I remembered.

All my friends wanted to be footballers, astronauts, or youtubers, and eventually had to give up / change theirs dreams to something more realistic.

I have only 1 exam left to get my bachelor’s degree in Bioology this month, and I’ll start a Masters degree in Biotech in September!”


“Iranian American woman working a blue collar manual labor job making multiple 6 figures with just an associates degree.

I figure I’m in some sort of 1% demographic, probably.”

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