If you think shopping at Walmart is an exercise in patience and judgment, try working there. Especially in these trying times where stock is low and tension is high.

One photographer and mother attempted to show employees at her local Walmart their hard work under hazardous conditions was not unnoticed. Amy Cook is a mother of five who relies on the supercenter for groceries and other household supplies.

As a gesture of her appreciation for the extra work she saw Walmart employees put in to keep the store clean and operating, she made some hilarious post-it notes and brought them along on her shopping trip.

Her post said this:

“Went to Walmart this morning to fill the cupboards and freezer (also had some old guy behind me in line call me an idiot under his breath knowing I would hear him so I promptly spun around and informed him that I have 5 children and was only buying a normal amount of GROCERIES)…and decided to spread some cheer and hopefully giggles in this stressful time.

My goal was to reach the stressed overworked employees and make them laugh especially with all of the horrible customers they have been dealing with and the exhausting back breaking labor they’ve been putting in to keep the shelves loaded as best they can. To all retail employees, we LOVE and appreciate you and hope for your health and safety! I hope you found these entertaining and not annoying.

Side note: If you saw these shopping I hope they made you laugh, please don’t run to Walmart just to find them…practice safety and stay home unless you need groceries. And WASH YO HANDS.

Thank you.”

She left her funny notes all around the store for the employees to find, and hopefully get to laugh and smile, at some point in their stressful days.

She aimed to bring a little lightness to a new and often frightening situation.

She even left some pop-culture references guaranteed to make even the most exhausted worker giggle, if only for a moment.

And good, sound quarantine advice.

Post Malone got his on his own post-it.

Have we tried uninstalling and reinstalling the world?

It has a virus.

Allergy symptoms are extra annoying this Spring.

Burn. Go State!

Simpler times.

A sign of these times.

Well, we’re waiting.

In case you were on the fence.

Have you got plenty of toilet paper?

Because apparently it’s worth more than gold.

What about chicky-nuggies?

There’s the nuggies.

There’s a limit to how many boys are allowed in the yard.

We’re living in a strange world now.


I’m sure Amy’s notes cheered up employees, customers and anyone else who saw them. She didn’t post anything we weren’t already thinking!

Alright, now we want to hear from you! Which of these were your faves?

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