Who knew that this would be the time our worlds turned upside down like a terrifying version of Freaky Friday?

Not only are we STILL expected to make a roll of toilet stretch for longer than it should, we also have to figure out how to cook for ourselves EVERY SINGLE DAY, many of us having become our children’s main teacher… and NOW we have to keep grounding our own parents.


If you’re having problems making mom and dad cancel their plans and stay in their rooms, you are not alone.

These 19 tweets show others feel your pain.

1. A WHAT Party?!?!


2. Rage-sobbing Is the First Step.

3. The Rats in the Sewer Will Appreciate their Increased Vitamin Intake.

4. The Birds Have Been Finding their Own Birdseed for Millions of Years.

5. Shut Down the Buffets!

6. 60 Is the New 25.


7. This Is Revenge for Them.

8. It’s Like They Are Teenagers.

20. Italy Knows. It always knows.

10. But You Can’t Go Live With Your Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Aire.

11. Pass the Pills.

12. Lungs, Schlungs.


13. The Worry is Real.

14. A Gentle Reminder.


15. Whatever Works.


16. Peter, Go Home.

17. Where Are We Meeting?

18. Why Won’t They Listen?

19. Maybe They Will Tire Themselves Out Trying to Open the Door.


All kidding aside, our parents and their friends are the most vulnerable people in our society right now, along with immunocompromised people. It’s imperative they take extra steps to protect their health.

So, if your parents are listening to you, keep trying.

They didn’t give up on us. We can’t give up on them.

Any of these tweets hit home with you?

Let us know which one in the comments!