Kids will do just about anything to avoid going to sleep. Why? Who really knows, but it seems that nearly all children will deploy whatever stalling tactics necessary to keep Mom and Dad closeby for just a few more minutes.

Mom Kate Bowler, a professor at Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina, decided to document all the questions her 6-year-old asks her each night at bedtime.

The thread is truly hilarious because, as Bowler says, “THAT KID HAS GAME.”

For example, his sudden desperate need to know what pumpkins taste like:

Or his wondering about the sleeping habits of racoons:

Or whether any of her acquaintances are of the pirate persuasion:

And his quest to learn a new musical instrument:

It seems like he has a career as a storyteller in his future:

Wondering exactly what Daddy does all day:

Well, that certainly escalated quickly:

Of course, he believes his mom is so strong and great that she can do anything and everything:

This is exactly why the internet is so great. After all, where else would we keep records of adorable, precious conversations like these? It’s like a little virtual time capsule for her son. I bet someday he’ll look back on these and get a hearty chuckle out of them. I know I would.

What goofy antics do your children employ to delay bedtime? Do they stall at any other times, like bathtime or before you leave for work?

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