Allison Kimmey has had an awful year.

The mother of two suffered not one, but two miscarriages in the past year and she took to Instagram and Facebook to share her experience in the hopes that she can help other women who have also gone through this terrible trauma.


Her Instagram post reads:

“This is miscarriage.

It still baffles me that this is something 1 in 4 women experience, and yet it’s not something many of us know anything about. Including myself.

Let’s add it to the list of things nobody tells you about until after you experience it. Yes, there’s grief and loss and devastation. But it’s also painful and messy.

To me, this looks a lot like postpartum. Adult diapers, heating pads, exhaustion, releasing, healing, mourning.

Because it is postpartum. And although we don’t get to experience the benefit of having a little one to bring home, our bodies have still done miraculous and very hard things.

I know this is a sensitive subject, and that’s why I want to talk about it. I’ll be sharing a very candid retelling of my experience this week, because I want more women to be seen through this process. And I want women to have access to REAL LIFE stories, not just vague medical definitions saying you might be a little uncomfortable and wear a pad.

This is natural. It is not your fault. And you don’t need to feel ashamed. I hope this helps someone find comfort that they are not alone. Just do you babes.


Kimmey is an author and a self-love educator who wants women to know they are not alone when they suffer like she did.


Allison told Scary Mommy,

“Honestly, the only thing I want women to know during their own time of loss is that they are not alone and it is not their fault. I hope by being vulnerable myself that someone else can heal their own wounds.”

Thank you Allison. Everybody could use a reminder about how painful these situations are.