For those of us who haven’t procreated, our plants and pets are basically like our babies. That’s why, when this woman went away from home, she asked her mom to open the blinds for her plants to get some sunlight. But her mom took Plant Duty to a whole other level, making it clear that she is READY for some human grandchildren.

Twitter user Regan Speyer shared the story with a series of texts from her mom.

“Asked my mom to open the blinds for my plants and she really just went above and beyond,” Regan wrote.

Regan’s mom took the plants out for a walk. She put one of them in a stroller. She even read to one plant, and she took another to go play on a slide.

“I love being a grandplantrent,” she wrote in the text to Regan.


Regan’s tweet has been liked over 440,000 times, because HELLO, this is pure gold.

“Smooth way asking for grandchildren,” one person responded.

“She trying to give u hints sis,” another laughed.

“Ok, but did she slide your plant child down tho?” a user asked.



Many thanks to Regan’s mom for gifting us with a brand new vocabulary word: grandplantrent!!!