We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. But, unfortunately, there’s still stigma surrounding women’s bodies – particularly their postpartum bodies.

Meg Boggs is a blogger who is on a mission to change the conversation about women’s bodies, and one of the ways she’s doing that is by encouraging ladies to share their #this_is_postpartum photos.

Here are 15 examples, with Ms. Boggs herself in the first photo.

Ladies, share your own photos in the comments (if you like) and keep up the great work!

1. “It’s okay”

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Being thin is okay. Not being thin is okay. Having curves is okay. Not having curves is okay. Having stretch marks is okay. Not having stretch marks is okay. Having scars is okay. Not having scars is okay. Having cellulite is okay. Not having cellulite is okay. It’s not your job to look like what you see on the big screen, or in the media. It’s not your job to look perfect. Or put together. Or effortlessly happy. It’s not your job to look like anyone or anything else but YOU. And it’s OKAY. But do you know what’s never okay? Shaming another for not fitting the mold of a societal “perfection”. Shaming another for their body type. Or the clothes that they wear (or don’t wear). Or the marks left on their body during different walks of life. So here’s to measuring ourselves in smiles and feelings of contentment rather than inches and pounds. And here’s to friends that see you for all the loveliness that you are. ? you @th3littlestavenger

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2. You are enough

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#this_is_postpartum Hey, you. I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and feel disgusted, worthless, broken. To cry for no reason. To feel too proud to ask for help. To have unexplainable feelings of hopelessness, anger, and resentment. To have all of your expectations of what you think motherhood is going to be like ripped apart. All of these experiences we go through… they DO make us stronger. But why doesn’t it feel that way? Why isn’t it celebrated? Why can’t we glamorize ALL body types and all seasons of life? What is this insane pressure we feel to make everything perfect? I grew up with no one in the media who looked like me, in a society where no one talks openly about depression and anxiety. Today, I’m sharing this for the teenage girl who punishes herself with diets and exercise because she doesn’t look like what she sees on TV. Today, I share this for the mama who is putting so much pressure on herself to “snap back” to her pre-baby weight. I’m sharing this for the plus size women, mamas and mama’s to be who have always been greatly underrepresented in the media. And for the person who thinks they might need help but is afraid to admit it… this is for you. I’ve been you, and I’m here to tell you it’s okay. I’m sharing this for YOU, no matter your gender, size, shape, or race. The good, the bad, the ugly… this is us. This is about finding the beauty in everything around you, your children, your life, and the journey. Getting the help you need even if you don’t think you do. I’m here for you. We’re all here for you. You. Are. Enough. This is postpartum, and so is this: @sidelinesocialite

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3. Words of wisdom

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[This is Postpartum}⠀ #fourthtrimester ? living in the newborn haze of sleep deprivation, unmade beds, pjs all day, too much tv, millions of nappies and breastfeeding.all.day ?⠀ ⠀ I’ve been so honest with you all through my pregnancy journey, and I wanted to continue to be honest after. I don’t want people to think I’ve just bounced back (?lol) or suddenly to hide myself away – why should I share photos of my big bump and be proud of it, then suddenly become ashamed as soon as the baby is out? ?‍♀️⠀ ⠀ ⠀ As a society, we are so conditioned to hide our postpartum bodies, to be ashamed of loose skin and stretch marks and saggy bellies and breasts. Theres so much pressure to bounce back, suck it in, cover it up… But the stupidest part is that most of us have it, to some degree or another!! ?‍♀️⠀ So why the hell are we all hiding away – fear of judgement? We should be proud of our bodies that grew, nourished and birthed our precious babies, and continue to feed them once they’re out. ⠀ ⠀ I would be lying if I said I loved the way my body looks now, but I’m ok with it. Carrying two very large babies, gaining and losing 33kg then gaining another 25kg and having 2 c cections (which by the way – I had no idea about the C-section tum until I got it ?) has left me with lots of loose skin, more stretch marks than I’d ever imagined and a bellybutton that is unrecognizable. ⠀ But I’m not out to try and “get my body back”… why? because it never bloody went anywhere!! It was here the whole time, growing humans – I’m pretty sure I should be giving it a damn break not punishing it when it’s done so much for me ?⠀ ⠀ Plus, right now I just want to eat when I’m hungry (which is ALL the time) take it slow and enjoy this precious time, because it will be over in the blink of an eye! ??⠀ words and image via @sarahbaughen ⠀ #postpartum #loveyourdamnself#birthwithoutfear #inspirepregnancy#motherhood⠀#celebrating_my_postpartum ⠀ ⠀#this_is_postpartum #ihaveembraced

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4. Rather love it

5. Truth bomb

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Truth bomb: I don’t always flex and pose ??‍♀️ I’m a mom and I look like one. This belly carried two babies and shed 60+ pounds in between. I’m not ashamed of what’s left. I’m damn proud of what I’ve done and what I have left to do. My goal is never to make my #mombelly disappear, only to be #healthier, #stronger, #faster. Secret: you can still be all those things with a squishy belly ?Gotta love your body ladies; the best gift you can give yourself is the permission to feel beautiful in your own skin❤️ . . . #this_is_postpartum #weightloss #fatloss #toneup #confident #uplift #validate #empoweringwomen #loveyourself #selfacceptance #stillirise #workoutoftheday #runner #lowcarb #lowcarbrunner #truthbomb #realpeople #topsecret #healthynotskinny #healthyandhappy #investinyou #beautifulwomen #bodyimage #bodyconfidence #bodypositive #bodygoals

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6. Changes

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There are lots of reasons I’m making changes, but they are the main one ☝? ?⠀ ⠀ Of course I want to lose weight, but not just to be “skinny” ⠀ I want all my clothes to fit again, I want my knees and feet to stop hurting from carrying all this extra weight, I want to be healthy on the inside and I want to be able to run and play and throw my kids around ?⠀ ⠀ None of this is going to come easily. And there’s no such thing as a quick fix?‍♀️ Going to the gym every morning is not always easy ?️‍♀️ It takes discipline. Stopping myself from binge eating chocolate ? and choosing healthier food options ? isn’t easy, it takes a lot of self control and preparation. Having a glass of soda water instead of a few glasses of wine ? at the end of a stressful day DEFINITELY isn’t easy (and let’s be real, sometimes a glass of wine is still 100% necessary ?) ⠀ But being a fit ?? healthy mama and a good role model to my boys is so important to me – they are my why, and they make it all worthwhile ?

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7. Time to reflect

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As I woke up this morning with the glow coming into my window, beaming on my skin as I got dressed… I stopped. I looked in the mirror and watched the reflection looking back at me. I thought about where I’ve been in this body; the journey it has taken my soul on. The babies it carried; the babies downstairs calling for me to put hair up in a ponytail or pour them a bowl of cereal. The babies that grew inside this body, and were birthed by this body. In this very same room where I stood staring at my reflection, is the room I birthed my final baby. This body did what I thought it could never do. But this body has translated into a new segment of its journey. The one where it no longer carries babies, or nourishes them. This leg of the journey is for me. This is my time. This body has served my babies so well, and now it’s my turn to love it, and thank it, and stare at it in amazement for all that it has done. Instead of being discouraged, I am empowered. I am rejoicing. Cause it took ALOT to get my body to this point. So you bet your ass I’m going to stare at my golden reflection and be proud. #this_is_postpartum

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8. Pure Mama Magic

9. Inspired

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We're feeling so inspired by @meg.boggs project #this_is_postpartum. ⠀ She wanted to show the world that there's nothing wrong with the changes that Mom's bodies go through during pregnancy. Collaborating with other amazing Mom bloggers and influencers, they're proudly showing the world the love and appreciation they have for their bodies and the beautiful humans that they created.⠀ .⠀ Repost from @themomculture.⠀ @theperfectmom, @thegarciadiaries, @meg.boggs @katiemcrenshaw.⠀ #this_is_postpartum⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #selflove #postpartum #motherhood #pregnantandperfect #inspirepregnancy #fitmomsofig #ig_motherhood #birthbecomesher #aheadofthecurve #bodypositivity #scars #LoveAnyBody #postpartumbody #loveyourself #birthwithoutfear #womenwholead⠀ #girltribe #thefutureisfemale #fempire #communityovercompetition #womenwithambition #femalefounders #girlboss #womenforwomen #womeninspiringwomen #bywomenforwomen #womensupportingwomen #empoweredwomen ⠀ ⠀

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10. Not alone

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Love has a way of bringing the most power version of ourselves to the forefront. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Having said that, Mother's NEED our support. We cannot assume their silence means that they have it covered or that they don't need help. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ According to the @apapsychiatric,⠀ 1 in 7 women experience peripartum depression – which is depression associated with having a baby and often time starts during pregnancy. The @apapsychiatric also stresses that it is so important to treat peripartum depression as soon as possible not only for the Mother's well-being but also because depression, "can affect the well-being of the baby who can be born prematurely, with low birth weight."⠀ .⠀ .⠀ If you feel like you are or could be suffering from depression please know that you are not alone and that it is not weak to speak up. We feel it is important to give mother's a place where they feel safe. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Photo Credit: @sefrakay.photography ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #repost #Mom #SuperMom #Amazing #MomLife #InstaMom #Momma #Mother #MommyLife #LoveYourself #LoveMyself #NoFilter #StretchMarks #Real #You #BeYourself #LoveYou #BestYou #BestSelf #NewYearsResolution #Children #Child #Childhood #repost #Baby #HonestMotherhood #Honest #postpartum #This_is_postpartum

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11. Twins

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Here I am, nearly nine months later. The twins have officially been in my arms a whole three days longer then I was able to carry them in my belly. My stomach is still flowered with stretch marks and extra skin. Just perfect for curious little hands to tug and pull. Some days I struggle to look in the mirror and show my body the appreciation and love it deserves. Those thoughts are almost immediately followed up with feelings of guilt for ever shaming this body which has done so much. I was able to carry twins for 38 weeks despite friends, family and even doctors telling me I would be lucky to make it past 32-34 weeks with my frame. This body may look weak and exhausted, but in reality it’s so strong and capable. All this to say, that if you ever have feelings of shame because your body just isn’t “bouncing back,” I see you. I’ve been you. You are so beautiful!

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12. Before and After

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Antes/Durante/Agora ? . Maternidade Real… . . Quando uma mulher se torna mãe, ela não deixa de ser mulher, nem filha, nem esposa… Ela não "deixa" nada!!! … ela agrega, evolui, soma, supera, transforma! . . E o fato é: A maternidade não é tão romântica e mágica como temos assistido ultimamente, principalmente pelas redes sociais da vida. Masss, calma lá!! Não tô dizendo q não seja MARAVIlHoSO!!!! No entanto, a maternidade é desafiadora! Ela nos vira do avesso, são 09 meses de ajustes para uma vida inteira de doação! . Assistimos o nosso corpo se tornar a Única, Divina e perfeita "máquina" de "trazer vidas" a esse mundo, e pra isso ele deixa de ser "nosso" e passa a ser um Incrivel e Perfeito ABRIGO. Sim!!! Apesar da "feiúra" aos olhos da estética e da vaidade ele é PERFEITO!! Perfeito como nunca foi! … Mas, isso tb não quer dizer que a mulher se sinta plena, forte e alegre durante toda essa fase, isso não é Verdadeiro! A gente sofre, pq Dói, pq é estranho, pq sentimos medo, pq cansamos, não somos tão fortes como queríamos ser, e nem nos sentimos tão belas como gostaríamos, mas o fato é: É a Melhor é Mais linda Escolha q uma mulher pode fazer durante sua jornada!! Mesmo com dor, mesmo sendo estranho, pq a Felicidade nada tem a ver com prazer, ou perfeição, ou beleza..! E se eu sou Feliz por ter feito esssa escolha 3 vezes??!!! … Eu não passaria por esse planeta sem Ser mãe! … #FelicidadeNãoÉprazer #FelicidadeÉaceitação #FelicidadeÉcontentamento #GratidãoADeus #PorTerMeusFilhos #PelaVidaDeCadaUm #PelaSaude #PeloAmor #PelaPaz #Ôsorte #Ôbenção #MaternidadeReal #MaternidadeSemNeurose #Gratidão #MulheresReais #SerOquePodemosSer #EnãoOqueOsOutrosQuerem #This_Is_Postpartum

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13. Set me free

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This is SO spot on- submission by @ashfoxfit “How can you ever say anything negative about your body after you have felt the dancing of life from inside your womb? • Pregnancy set me free from my battle with my body image and redefined my idea of beauty. I have literally tortured myself to fit society’s cookie cutter standard of beauty for most of my life. I placed all of my worth on my appearance… and I hated the way I looked for the majority of my life. • Then I got pregnant and anxiety set in… how would my body change? Loving my baby bump wasn’t hard. I by no means felt sexy but I did feel this sense of importance and responsibility which made me forget about my weight. I literally never weighed myself during my pregnancy… I have no idea how much weight I gained and that gives me peace. Loving my postpartum body did not happen over night, it’s taken time. I have stretched skin that will probably never snap back and weight that is still lingering… but does that even matter? My body made me a mother. It made 10 perfect fingers and toes. It created this beautiful masterpiece of a human. So yes, I can see past the stretched skin and jello abs. All I see is awesomeness and I’m thankful for my body’s strength and resilience. I’ve finally learned to love my body for all that it is, all that it’s done and all that it has yet to do. • You are somebody, not some body. Every body is beautiful, you are worth more than what society tells you. It’s time we celebrate the miracle of the human body rather than fight against it.” #this_is_postpartum #bebodykind #mentalhealthawarenessweek • • • • • • #mombod #momlife #thisisme #navigatingpostpartum #MamasGetReal #honestmotherhood #amazing #momswithcameras #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #postpartumbody #postpartumhealth #momblogger #mummyblogger #babyboy #momsofinstagram #selflove #bodypositive #bodyafterbaby #bodytransformation #inspiration #mentalhealthawareness #abs #postpartum #newmom #mentalhealth #thisismotherhood

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14. We can do better

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We as a society love and celebrate pregnant bellies!! Give Instagram a pregnant belly and watch it soar! ?? But give it the same belly after the baby has been born and somehow it’s become ‘ugly’ ‘too wrinkled’ ‘fat’ ‘wiggly’ ?? . . I believe we can to do better! Let’s celebrate the bodies that carried life not just during the nine months of pregnancy but beyond! Let’s celebrate the bodies that struggle to become pregnant, let’s celebrate the bodies that are able to carry multiples, let’s celebrate the bodies that had a cesarean, let’s celebrate the bodies that had an epidural, let’s celebrate the bodies that had an unmedicated birth, let’s celebrate the bodies that had unassisted births, let’s celebrate the bodies that are unable to carry life but hold so much love for adoption, let’s celebrate YOUR BODY! Because we each have a story to tell with each scar. . . . . What’s your story? Mine’s in the comments?? . . #babynumber5 #ninemonthspregnant #motheroffive #momlife #cesarean #vbac #vba2c #diastasisrecti

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15. Keep it up!

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#this_is_postpartum I’ve never really “embraced” my ever changing mom bod. Between pregnancy, breastfeeding 2 humans, & loving life I’m about 20 lbs heavier than I was before Bentley & I am OK with that! I’m not in love with my body, but I’ve learned not to hate it. It’s housed three children , nurses three children, & recovered from a 10+ year battle with Bulimia. And on top of that, I have anxiety, depression, & severe social anxiety (yay me!) I don’t go to the gym out of guilt or fear of gaining weight, I now go to build the muscle God have me and because working out here and there is good for you. Plus, I get a break from the kids! ?? If this picture offends anyone, go ahead & unfollow me, because this is MY Instagram profile (not yours) & I can post whatever I choose?? This place is where I try to be as transparent as possible! I don’t want you all thinking I’m someone I’m not. So here’s one thing you didn’t know about me until now – I have a tattoo of a barbell on my left wrist. It keeps me going back to the gym even when I’ve been away for so long because I know it helps tremendously with my anxiety and depression. To end this post, comment below how many tattoos do you think I have ?

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Lookin’ great, ladies!