Every kid committed a gaffe growing up. Kids play baseball outside and maybe break a window or other object. They may try to cook and make a mess. These things happen!

Adults often react quickly, considering the damage done and calculating its costs, but one mom’s Facebook post is going viral because of her sympathetic response to her daughter’s at-home snafu.

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Rachel Lamphere is the creator of Play at Home Mom, LLC. Her daughters were playing and one of them made a hole in the home’s drywall.

Check out her original Facebook post:

The post begins like this:

“Our girls were messing around yesterday.

One of them happened to put their body through the drywall. My nine year old came downstairs crying and frantic saying she had to show me something.

I walked upstairs to the damaged wall.

The remorse was already displayed all over her body.”

Lamphere goes on to explain that her daughter was feeling remorseful and ashamed about what had happened. She said she was sorry and even offered not to accept Christmas presents because she knew it might be expensive to fix this.

Her daughter was also cognizant that she’d have to tell her father, and Lamphere had a discussion with him about what happened so they could come up with a strategy.

“The kids put a hole in the wall. A big one. M is really upset about it. She’s working up the courage to come and tell you about it.

We have two choices here.

1. Scream and yell and make her feel more awful than she already does.
2. Accept that little girl for each bit of awesome that she is… even in her mistakes. To realize that it was SO hard for her to come down and tell you how she made a mistake.

Our response will 100% determine how she comes to us with mistakes in the future.

How do you respond?”

Lamphere’s post showed that parents can make or break their relationship with their kids. Yes, there needs to be discipline, but children need to feel safe confessing their mistakes. The mom concludes:

“Today, my daughter walks around with a little more trust.

She walks around feeling loved and connected.

She walks around knowing that she can tell her parents anything and that she is safe.”

Parents and social media users are congratulating her on how she handled the situation.

There are definitely lessons to be learned here. Do you have anything you’d like to share about how this mom reacted to what could’ve become a yelling match?

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