Motherhood can be grueling at times. And when moms are overwhelmed, often the people who step up to help without hesitation are other moms.

Amanda Jennings shared one such story on Twitter. Twenty-one years ago, she was a new mom in a hospital. Another mom crawled through the curtains to comfort her as she sobbed.

Over two decades later, Amanda still thinks of her often.

“I think about that lovely woman a lot,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet. “It was such a simple gesture. So lovely. I felt very lost, unsure how to soothe my baby, out of my depth, and she was an angel. I often pass her message onto other new mums. These small acts of kindness are so important.”

In response to Amanda’s tweet, other women chimed in with their own stories of kindness from fellow moms.

Sometimes, these angels are female health professionals who seem to have a sixth sense for how to make challenges easier to bear.

Like a NICU nurse or an “orderly.”

Photo Credit: Twitter

But often, they’re just regular old moms. Moms who have been at it longer than you, and who can offer a reassuring word of advice.

If these stories make anything clear, it’s that a simple “You’re doing great” can go a LONG way.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Particularly when you’re in public, trying to keep it together, and your kids didn’t get the memo.

Motherhood ain’t easy, but it’s amazing to see how moms can have each other’s backs.

Alright, so those are some pretty awesome stories… do you have any of your own to share?

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