Everyone who is a parent knows that the days can be long and sometimes hard, but one of the things that makes us able to power through is those kids deciding (sometimes at the last minute) to be super sweet (and sometimes even grateful).

I have no idea what kind of day this mom was having before she found these adorably sweet notes from her daughter in her purse, but I can almost guarantee it was improved by their discovery.

The wholesome and heartwarming post on Twitter (a rarity some days) came from @hovitaaa.

She arrived at work and, while rummaging through her purse for some chapstick, found a whole baggie of sweet notes from her daughter.


People in her replies were totally moved by her discovery, and had a whole host of reactions that ranged from ovary bursting to really just wanting this girl to have everything.

Like this woman, who is off to get it done for herself.

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And this person, who isn’t above making threats (I guess to her partner?).

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Or you know, the appropriate reaction could just be to cry – I bet OP had a least a few leaky tears, don’t you?

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They definitely want these two to have their girl’s day, that’s for sure.

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Actually, strike that – they want these two (especially the daughter) to have everything they ever wanted. As it should be!

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Y’all, I can only hope that one day, when my kids are older and know how to write and read and stuff, I might get a moment or two like this when I feel like they actually see and appreciate all I have done for them as a human being.

Has your kid ever done something like this for you? Tell us about it in the comments!