It’s not every day that a mother-daughter duo graduates from medical school on the same day. But that’s exactly what Dr. Cynthia Kudji Sylvester and Dr. Jasmine Kudji just did — and, even better, they’re now going to work for the same hospital system as doctors.

Now that they’ve graduated, Kudji Sylvester and Kudji will continue on to medical residency programs in the Louisiana State University Health System.

Kudji Sylvester is continuing her journey to becoming a physician by serving as a family medicine resident at LSU Health Lafayette. Kudji, meanwhile, will become a surgical resident at LSU Health New Orleans.

Just look at how inspiring these two powerful women are:


Kudhi Sylvester, 49, moved from Ghana to Louisiana with her family as a two-year-old. She has wanted to become a doctor ever since making return visits to West Africa to see family members.

When she got pregnant at age 22, she decided to become a nurse instead. Her daughter grew up watching her care for patients which, in turn, inspired her daughter to also pursue a career in healthcare.

Of course, they’re both wildly proud of each other. And supportive, to say the least.


This heartwarming story is proof that you’re never too old to follow your dreams. And to always remember that example you’re setting for little ones in your life.

Best of luck in your medical careers to both Kudji Sylvester and Kudji! We hope you go far!

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