Anthony had a rough life, until he was placed into the foster care of a man named Peter Mutabazi.

You see, Anthony’s mother abandoned him when he was just two years old. He was adopted by another family at the age of four. But that part of his story didn’t have a happy ending, according to a recent post on Love What Matters describing Anthony’s sad journey.

“Six years after Anthony’s adoption was finalized and for reasons that still remain unclear, Anthony’s family drove him to a local hospital where he was admitted.

His mother and father left to return to the family home and that was the last time he ever saw them.

They never returned to collect the son who called them Mom and Dad for so many years.

All the promises of a forever family were thrown out the window and this young boy was left alone, abandoned, frightened, and crushed emotionally.”

That could’ve been the end of things for a vulnerable Anthony.

But instead, it was just the beginning, thanks to a kind-hearted man named Peter.



Peter had recently fostered two brothers. After seven months with him, however, a court decided it was best for the two boys to be reunited with their birth family.

Peter was alone, heartbroken and emotionally exhausted.


But when a social worker called and asked him to take in Anthony, he decided to take a chance on love again. He couldn’t fathom why someone would abandon a child after so many years like Anthony’s previous family had done.

I refused to allow him to be cast aside again. Besides, he was already calling me ‘Dad.’

I asked the social worker to provide me with a placement letter so I could enroll him in school the following day. She asked me about 100 times if I was serious and we both cried tears of joy.

I reassured her that she didn’t have to worry about where his food, shelter, or love was going to come from ever again.

I was ready for him to call me ‘Dad’ as long as he wanted to call me that.

And November 12th, Anthony officially became Peter Mutabazi’s son.

Team Mutabazi was born!

I have fostered eleven children in the past three years and Anthony has been right beside me through it all.

He has read more than 500 books in the last 19 months and has quickly made a number of amazing friends at church, school, and in the foster community.

I’m amazed at how resilient and positive he is, despite all that he has had to endure.

What a tear-jerking story!


You can read more of Peter’s amazing stories as a foster parent on Love What Matters.

The world needs more people like this and we’re so grateful to Peter for sharing this uplifting and heartwarming journey with the world!

Would you ever consider fostering a child? Why or why not?

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