It’s no secret that kids love having little “secret” hideaways. Whether it’s a fort made out of blankets or a special cozy corner of their room, they just love hanging out in nooks and crannies.

Some parents are making this dream a reality for their kids in the coolest way: By building tents out of beans.

You see, beans like to grow on a trellis, winding their way up poles and other garden objects. Why not use that to your advantage and make a tiny tent that’s the perfect size for children, not to mention dreamy and magical?

Check it out, here’s what they look like:


And here’s an extra tiny one for a toddler:


How picture-perfect is this?


Can you imagine being a kid and getting to play in this one? Purple beans!


Here’s how one looks before the beans have started climbing:


Want to try making your own bean pole tent this summer? Here’s a great tutorial video on YouTube that explains what you’ll need — basically, some poles, twine and a shovel. Voila! A green tent.

Plus, aside from being super cozy, beans just have so much mystery and magic surrounding them. Remember what happened in “Jack and the Beanstalk?” If not, go read it. We’ll wait.

Okay, that’s pretty magical, right? Can you imagine reading that to a kid and then making them one of these? Their imaginations would explode!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve built for your kids? Other parents could probably use a little inspiration right about now!

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