Would you pay $60 to hear your dog swear? Now’s your chance.

Doggos have pent up energy and express it through barking. But have you ever wondered what they are saying? What if pups used cuss words to tell their owner how badly they needed to go outside? Your wildest fantasies have come true.

The new Cuss Collar is what all filthy mouthed owners have been waiting for.

Photo Credit: Cuss Collar

So, how does it work?

The makers of Cuss Collar states that every time your dogs barks the collar reacts with the sweetness of a foul word.

Anytime your doggy barks the pre-recorded collar shouts out “f**k”, “sh**”, a**hole, and more.

Now you’ll know how they feel…. and it will be HILARIOUS.

Photo Credit: Cuss Collar

But before you decide when to use this collar, take into account your audience! Hide the children and beware of your uptight neighbor. Otherwise have fun with a back and forth swearing session with your furry friend!

(Or, you know, do whatever you’d like. It’s not like your kids and the neighbors haven’t heard all that before. Amirite?)

I’m sure some animal lovers might wonder if this collar shocks the dog. Nope! It’s purely all for fun.

The website’s pretty clear that, “shock/vibration/training collar and is not intended for anti-bark training use.”


Photo Credit: Cuss Collar

This swear collar is such a success they’ve sold out of the product!

But no worries, you can get a text message whenever they replenish. Just “text (917) 970-7424 to get drops 24 hrs before the public.”

Happy barking!