New mom Ashley J. Gibson was deciding whether or not to get an epidural or not as she was giving labor. Her husband shared a short but sweet mantra that stayed with her after the baby was born.

She wrote a post about the words he said,

“There’s no trophy, Ashley.”

Ashley shares,

“It put my whole world as a Mom into perspective.

I was in agony and trying to decide whether or not to get an epidural. I had no idea I was already at the very end of my labor and would be pushing Leo out within minutes.

All I knew was that I was in pain and couldn’t imagine laboring like that for what I thought would be a few more hours. I was trying to talk to him between contractions on the verge of tears and he lovingly spoke lots of support and some truth into my universe with, ‘There’s no trophy Ashley.’

She talked about how there’s a lot of competition when it comes to being a mother. This is often an unnecessary source of stress for all women, and Gibson wants to change the discussion. She elaborates,

There’s no trophy for delivering naturally vs. opting for an epidural or having a C-section.

There’s no trophy for breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding.

There’s no trophy for losing the baby weight the fastest.

There’s no trophy for cutest delivery gown (FOR THE LOVE, it’s okay to look like you just had a baby!!!).

There’s no trophy for most creative birthday party theme.

There’s no trophy for how many activities you sign your kids up for. [This list could go on forever]”

What do you think of this mantra? Do you have one of your own you’d like to share?

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