When you think of school you may remember your friends, teachers, and maybe some uncomfortable moments, but one Twitter user recounted how they spent years of their life asking for permission to use the bathroom.

But all children grow up and notice that most jobs and college classes don’t force people to ask for permission to go to the toilet.

Teachers and educators make rules meant to help their students learn and behave, and many of us remember that intrusiveness of bathroom rules. But what happens if you have a real emergency and the adult in charge of your classroom says you can’t go to the bathroom?

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After this first tweet, several people chimed with their stories about moments when their teachers overstepped or denied them permission to use the bathroom. A lot of these stories were from women who were just beginning their periods and were still trying to understand puberty. Let’s hope things have changed!

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While it’s true that teachers tend to create bathroom rules as a way to make sure students don’t just idle in the hallways during class, there needs to be a balance. One tweet explains why:

Other stories discuss what happened when young women tried to prevent embarrassment after not being allowed to use the bathroom.


One current student chimed in with a “solution” which sounds like a really bad idea.

Others shared the logistical reasons why they can’t just go during breaks between classes.

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Some teachers tried to help by giving out rewards to non-bathroom goers.

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Some students simply did what they had to do.

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