Let’s add yet another type of photo shoot to the social media landscape, shall we? I gotta admit, though, these are pretty hilarious.

A lot of parents have a hard time when the last of their kids move out of the house. These “empty nesters” have difficulty adjusting to their babies being gone and the house just feels so lonely.

I remember when I moved away, my parents cried and chased my car down the street. Wait, that didn’t happen…they threw a party and had the locks changed. And then they moved.

But I digress. This couple decided to have an empty nest photo shoot, and it absolutely hit all the right (and hysterical) notes.

Take a look at these gems.

They don’t look so broken up about it, do they?

We are expecting! Zero kids, that is!

They obviously have new favorite children, also known as “replacements.”

And finally, here’s the party that you knew was coming.

People on social media loved it.


I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more of these empty nest photo shoots in the near future.

This brings back some painful memories…but I’m glad they’re happy! Kegger at their house this weekend!