Lies, lies, everywhere there are lies!

Well, at least that’s what it seems like out there these days…

And it also seems like a lot of people are believing these lies, and that’s causing HUGE problems in the world.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about the biggest lies they’ve ever believed.

Wow, Dad…

“My dad got sick of having to listen to the kids shows I watched as a child, so he told me that the Power Rangers and Barney The Dinosaur d**d in the car crash with Princess Diana, so I couldn’t watch them anymore.

I didn’t actually question it until I was quite old, embarrassingly.”

Uh oh…

“As a little kid, dad told me that there was a greek god of s** called F**latio.

I’d never heard the word before. Then, freshman year of highschool, took a mythology class and asked the teacher, in class, why we hadn’t talked about F**latio.

Silence. “You know, the god of s**?” I’m cringing hard just typing this out…. got a nice little talk after class and dad almost peed his pants laughing that night.”

Family lie.

“When I was like 16 I found out that one of my sisters wasn’t actually my sister.

She was actually just best friends with my oldest sister growing up, and she lived with my family from when she was like 12 or 13 through 18 (she and my oldest sister are 15 years older than me). Unfortunately her parents wouldn’t sign her over for adoption and didn’t contribute anything for my mom raising her for 6 years.

Weirdest part is that my family is predominantly fair skinned, blonde with blue eyes, but the girl I thought was my sister was traditional mexican with darker skin, dark hair, and brown eyes.

My mom was always very tan and had darker hair throughout my childhood so I thought that my other 2 sisters and myself were the odd ones out.”

Poor folks.

“Our family were poor and lived in a house where the ceiling plaster had bowed so much that it bowed down, bulging out.

My dad told me that there was a World War II bomb buried in the ceiling. Believed it for years, absolutely terrified the entire time.”

Oh, Mom!

“When I was very young we had a pet hamster. He got out of his cage, so my dad put the cage in the basement thinking he might get hungry and get back in.

One morning I woke up and there was the hamster in his cage in the usual place. I asked my mom how they found him and she told me she opened the door to the cellar and there he was dragging his cage back upstairs.

It wasn’t until I was a teenager and remembered the exchange that it occurred to me she obviously made that up.”

Go ahead and try it.

“My friend who worked at a gas station with a big food station that has some ground beef items told me they use kangaroo meat for their ground beef because it was cheaper than cow.

I am gullible with my friends.”


“That my parents were married.

The truth is my father was, just not to my mother.”

We’ve all heard this one.

“It’s illegal to turn on the dome light while the vehicle is moving.

Turns out it’s just annoying as hell.”

Not cool.

“On April Fools while I was getting ready for school on a cold winter day, my mom told me “School is cancelled! It’s a snow day!”

I ran around for a good 2 minutes celebrating before she told me “April Fools!”

I’ve never felt so betrayed in my life.”

Definitely not true.

“I definitely thought that adults with responsible jobs have their s**t together.

Then I realized they do not have their s**t together at all.

Which in turn makes me feel somewhat better about being an adult with a responsible job who does not have their s**t together.”

Screwed over.

“”The Tinder account was just a shared account for joking around with my friends. I never even logged in on my own”.

It was in fact his account which he had been using during the last three months of our relationship.

And yes, I knew how unbelievable that sounds but I refused to believe that the man I trusted so much would ever do this to me.”

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