Well, this should be interesting, don’t you think…?

Because today we’re going to hear from people on AskReddit about how they can tell that someone has NO LIFE AT ALL.

Try not to get offended, okay?

Let’s get started!


“Actively making fun of other people’s hobbies or making them feel bad about things they like because you have no hobbies.”

Get over yourself.

“If you’re willing to make a big deal at a place of business with someone just trying to do their job.”

This is a real thing?

“Making multiple accounts on any social media platform and having conversations with yourself.”

Over it.

“Starting workplace drama.

People who do this act like they’re still in cliques like in middle school.

I’m here to do my work, not be involved with your weird drama.”


“Being way too invested in what other people are doing and judging them for it with no good reason.”

Just pretending.

“Easy answer.

Pretending you do have one.

It’s actually hard work watching people unable to live in the moment.”


“Homeowners Association members.

And by extension, being that person who patrols the neighborhood looking for any potential infraction, legit or not, to report to the HOA.”

Kind of sad.

“Coming up to your job on your off day to socialize.

When I worked retail, there were a few people who did this, even after they got fired.”

They’re out there.

“Being a mod in any of these social media websites and wielding that power like a loose cannon d**nk with power.

Met a couple already.”

Talkin’ trash.

“People who are overly confident and cocky online but are absolute wastes of space in person.

For the record, I’m talking about the people that talk loads of s**t over the internet, not the people who are just shy and have an inner bright personality.”

That’s not good.

“Being obsessed with your job and working late on weekdays and on weekends.

I’m talking about that person that sends you a work email at 1am, or on a Saturday, and when you see it in your normal working hours you are in disbelief.

Usually they are also the ones looking down and getting pissed with the ones who have normal working hours and don’t love working overtime nor want to be reached out for work reasons on weekends.

No lady, nothing is so urgent that you need me to reply back on a Saturday. I actually have life outside of work and enjoy my free time, unlike you!”


“Posting heavily filtered videos of yourself lip syncing to Tiktok videos.

My wife runs across someone she knows on tik tok that does this. Except EVERY SINGLE ONE of her videos are of the same exact part of the same exact song.

Idk how many she’s posted but I absolutely am dumbfounded by that sort of person.”

And then there’s this…

“Honestly, none us of really have a “life”.

We all just find different ways to distract ourselves, then we d**.”

How can you tell that someone has no life?

Sound off in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!