Let’s have some real talk today, shall we?

As someone who was born, raised, and still resides in the good ol’ USA, even I can say that there are things about this country that are just…weird.

And today we’re gonna get an earful from folks out there who feel the same way!

Take a look at what AskReddit users had to say about this!

Totally backward.

“If you’re rich you get all the help and preference you could ever need but if you’re struggling or poor then f**k you and you don’t deserve a single thing, just work harder.

It’s as backward as can be.”

Not a good thing.

“Having to go back to work 6 weeks after having a baby.

It’s almost criminal to expect that, but so many women have to.

Thankful to live in Canada for that reason.”


“Bathroom stall doors. Why is there such a giant gap?

No one wants to see someone taking a s**t. No one wants to be watched taking a s**t. Who is this for?”

Work until you drop.

“Non stop work….and we call each other lazy.

What’s crazy is I’ve worked hard and been conscientious and diligent for decades… but you are supposed to keep it up forever until your body fails. If I want to relax for a while and dial down the work, that’s lazy.

You don’t get credit for your contributions.. you were already paid for that work. Now you’re worthless if you don’t work. So backward.”

The view from Russia.

“For me, as a resident of Russia, the following is very strange and incomprehensible:

Walking in shoes at home

Eating large meals in restaurants and stores.

An overly consumerist lifestyle.

Saying hello even to strangers and complimenting them (we rarely do this, we are often shy)

P/S I have nothing against Americans! You are great people!”

A positive one!

“As a general rule, it’s how fu**ing lovely Americans are.

There’s more of a culture of being effortlessly welcoming than I’ve seen elsewhere.

I emigrated and have never had an ounce of h**e. It’s been the opposite. People will be nice, won’t cross the line when it comes to banter, are really careful not to offend and will offer you their spare room when you visit.

And it’s all done with a confident, optimistic smile.”

The media.

“As an American, how disgustingly gullible so many people are.

They swallow everything the media shovels at them.

Amazing and terrifying.”

Drink up!


Why are Americans so weird about water? I’ve lived here for 20+ years and it still makes no sense to me. So many people will drink Coke or juice or Gatorade all day.

And if they do drink water it needs to be ice cold or flavored with mio or some s**t. Like just drink the f**king water.

I’ve heard people say “Oh I don’t like water.” The f**k do you mean?! Do you also not like breathing air? Do you breathe in Febreeze all day?”


“I still don’t understand why we can’t just TRY something outside Republican or Democrat.

Everyone always acts like the 2-party system is great, but nobody is ever happy with the results.”

Incredibly depressing.


I live here, and the amount of people that are like “I’m dumb as f**k and I’m proud” is just bewildering and depressing.”


“One thing I don’t get is how having universal health care and the right to health care is considered socialist but the right to education and free schools aren’t? Or like, libraries. Aren’t free to access libraries more socialist than hospitals?

Also how universal health care is so evil and socialist and the first sign of the country going downhill when a bunch of other countries are doing just fine with it.”

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