Oh, boy, this is gonna be a lot of fun

Because if there’s something that makes everyone laugh, it’s what makes OTHER PEOPLE irrationally angry!

We’re here for it!

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about this!

1. Please!

“Not using your indicator when changing lanes.

It’s right f**king there.

You don’t need to go far.”

2. That’s enough.

“Excessive amounts of questions for absolutely no reason.

Who’s out there? What are you doing, where are you going, what are you getting, how long are you going to be gone… ?

Mom I’m 29 I love you I really do but I’m the only one working fixing the house and paying your medical bills. Stop worrying about me.”

3. Trashy.

“The prescription ad commercials in the US.

They’re banned in so many places and for good reason.”

4. Bingo!

“Chronically late people.

Especially the ones who have the audacity to laugh or make light of the situation as if they’re not being totally inconsiderate and a major inconvenience for everyone involved.”

5. It’ll drive you insane.

“Calling to pay a bill and trying to get through an automated system, impatiently saying “representative!”

And even worse, when the automated system is very sensitive to sound and picks up the slightest noise and says “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Let’s try that again.”

Drives me crazy.”

6. Keep that mutt away from me.

“People that let their dog jump up on you.

I don’t give a s**t if your dog is friendly, keep him off of me.”

7. Gaslighting.

“People who are confronted with proof in hand that they did something wrong and they go ahead and deny it all to your face.

Then, they twist it all around and start gaslighting you to make YOU the one to blame. I can’t stand manipulators or narcissists.”

8. Get rid of them.

“Fifty dollar bills.

They’re pointless; They make counting money harder.

Stick with hundreds and twenties and fill the rest with lower denominations. I work with a lot of money and fifties suck.”

9. Get a box.

“People wasting food.

Like you go out to eat and only eat half your meal?


10. That’s annoying.

“When people go to Costco gas and don’t go to the lane with the gas pumps that correspond to the correct side of their car with the gas tank.

It drives me nuts when everyone has the gas hose stretched over their car.”

11. The worst.

“People who don’t use headphones when they watch videos in public.

No please, I’d love to hear your phone’s blown-out a** speaker play the same sh&&ty music clip five more times as you struggle to catch all the deep and subtle nuances of a f**king TikTok video.”

12. Nasty.

“Cheap, loud aftermarket exhausts.

It has to be a passive aggressive antisocial thing to have your Honda/BMW/Dodge sound like a farting lawn mower.”

13. They’re pretty horrible.

“Sports news shows.

My husband is a huge sports fans (any and all) and that’s mostly fine. But the sound of 5 loud men all yelling and debating over Lebron’s latest achievement or the Cowboys trading this person for that person makes me want to rip the tv off of the wall.

I understand enjoying the game but I cannot for the life of me understand the in depth culture beyond that (not saying there’s anything wrong if you are into it).”

14. I’m with you.

“Biting my lip while I’m eating.

Seriously, creates an instant red mist & I can only blame myself so I either utter an irrationally loud roar or press my knuckles hard against a table or wall.

Makes my wife howl with laughter.”

What makes you irrationally angry?

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